Work faster in Excel

    The Microsoft excelenter has been a staple of our tech news cycle since the Windows Phone 8.1 preview.

    But now Microsoft has added a little bit of a refresh to the status bar with the introduction of Microsoft Excelent, the latest iteration of the Excel-powered productivity tool that has become an indispensable tool for every Microsoft employee.

    When Microsoft launched the new Excelent version of the statusbar earlier this month, the main update to the software was that it was more responsive to touch gestures.

    Since then, Microsoft has been adding new features and refinements to the tool that improve its usability and efficiency.

    It was initially announced as a standalone application that would allow you to work on Excel documents in a separate window and then, when you were done with the document, you could close the document and return to your normal workflow.

    The new version, however, now includes a feature called “QuickView,” which allows you to open and save an Excel document at the press of a button.

    QuickView can be a handy tool for those that are new to the tools.

    It allows you, for instance, to preview the result of an Excel calculation in a new window by just pressing the left mouse button on a cell in the Excel window, as opposed to having to drag it around.

    In addition to being an incredibly powerful feature, QuickView also allows you easy access to key information, like whether you are currently working on a spreadsheet, a PowerPoint presentation, or a Microsoft Office document.

    You can view and edit Excelent in QuickView, as well.

    The new version of Excelent is a more complete experience, with new tabs that are easier to navigate, and a more integrated view of the documents you are working on.

    For instance, you can now view the number of rows in an Excel spreadsheet and the number in a PowerPoint PowerPoint presentation.

    As an aside, the new version also has some other new features as well, including support for Microsoft Office Mobile Apps and the ability to save and view a large number of documents at the same time.

    The Excelent team says that the new software has been optimized for mobile devices, so you should see faster response times and a smoother app experience overall.

    We’re excited to bring you the latest update to Microsoft Excelenter!

    We hope you like the new Microsoft Excelentry software and the addition of QuickView to it.

    We’re excited that we can finally bring you this new version!

    You can download Microsoft Excelents newest update from the Windows Store for free, and you can get access to all the new features via the free version of Microsoft Office.


    What’s in your excel sheet?

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