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    How do you protect your identity from hackers?

    I’m sure you’ve heard that, and you probably don’t want to get hacked.

    But there’s also a chance that someone with malicious intent could take over your online accounts.

    In fact, according to cybersecurity experts, it’s a serious threat.

    The threat is one that many companies are struggling with.

    “The reality is, it is the number one threat facing online businesses right now,” said Rob Bresch, CEO of the security firm Kaspersky Lab.

    Bresche says that cybercrimbers are targeting large organizations with the goal of stealing passwords, emails and other sensitive data.

    “We have seen the majority of data stolen through such attacks in the last six months,” he said.

    So how do you keep your identity safe online?

    Here are a few suggestions: 1.

    Change your password every time you log on.

    It’s easy to forget your password and forget where you left it.

    This can be a real security risk, Breschen says.

    So it’s wise to change it regularly.


    Don’t use a company account for your social media accounts.

    It can be tempting to use a fake company account on social media and other sites, but it’s much harder to remember.

    “Your company account is only as strong as the data you put into it,” Bresches said.

    “It’s your personal data that is at risk.”


    Use multiple email accounts for your work and personal accounts.

    If your company account and personal account both use Gmail, you can use multiple email addresses for your online work and social media, he said, but this will only work if your company accounts and personal email accounts are separate.


    If you don’t use an email account, change your password on every device.

    For instance, if you use Outlook on a computer, change the password on all devices that connect to that computer, Brestchen said.


    Make sure you change your passwords for multiple sites and devices every time.

    “If you don-want to be compromised, you need to change your social security number on every site,” he added.

    “That’s how you are going to protect yourself against being compromised.”


    Avoid using your company email for your personal work and online.

    If someone has a good reason to steal your data, they may do so.

    But if you don.t want to be hacked, Bredesen said, “you need to make sure you keep it secure.”


    Use an anti-virus program that has anti-malware protection, such as Norton or Avast.


    Make backups of all of your online data.

    Make your personal and work accounts available to the internet, and keep your email, contacts, passwords and other data in a safe place, Bretesen added.


    Learn how to protect the personal information you store online.

    The best way to protect that information is to use it with the right password, Bremesen suggested.

    That’s because password protection also protects your online identities.

    “People are not looking for passwords,” he explained.

    “They are looking for data.”

    How to stay safe online When it comes to your online life, you’re more likely to be targeted by cybercrimbs than you are by people with legitimate reasons for taking your information, Brenschi said.

    You’ll likely be targeted more often if you have a business account that includes sensitive data, such, emails, or other information.

    That means it’s important to protect those online identities, too.

    “Don’t use email for personal and online work, but make sure that you are using your personal email account for all other things,” he advised.

    “When you use a private email for business, it can be even more dangerous.”

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