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    I am not sure if I am a believer in the Bible.

    I have never been a Christian, I have only been a person who believes in Jesus Christ.

    So I am still looking for answers and not being able to find answers in the book of Romans.

    I am looking for the truth.

    But for now I am just looking for a way to understand.

    So here is what I have learned.


    The Bible is not God.

    The Book of Romans, the Bible’s first and only work of the Bible, says, “The Bible is God’s Word, and no man can make it better”.

    The word “better” is important, because the words “better than” or “better still” are not mentioned in the New Testament.

    There is no evidence whatsoever that the Bible is superior to any other book of the ancient world.

    But the Bible has an enormous amount of truth.


    There are two God systems: the one that Paul wrote down and the one he later wrote down.

    This was the one Jesus told his disciples to follow.

    It is not clear what God actually was, but it is clear that he was a creator of life, who created humans and all the animals on earth.

    This is the one God who was created and lived on the earth before he created the heavens and the earth.

    If God was created then he is an actual god, and this is why he created humans.

    It does not matter if you think humans are the product of God’s own design.

    It matters if you accept the creationist theory of creation.


    You are born again in a false way.

    The Gospel of Matthew, which is the most important Gospel in the Christian Bible, tells us that we are not born again but are born to false thinking.

    It says that Jesus died for our sins, but that we need to “turn from our sins to him who was forgiven of our sins”.

    This is a false thinking that was brought to light by a man called John the Baptist.

    The first verse in the Gospel says that it is the “true faith” that will lead us to God.

    Matthew says that our true faith is the truth of the gospel.

    This means that we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, but we believe that Jesus is a “true God”.

    Matthew says we need “to turn from our iniquities to him that is true to himself”.

    This false thinking is why Christians believe in a third party god called Jesus Christ and the idea of “belief in Jesus as a personal deity” is a lie.

    There may be a fifth or sixth heaven, but there is no place for Jesus in that heaven.


    The idea that we can go to heaven is false.

    Jesus told us in Matthew that it would be a place where we “shall be with the Father in glory”.

    But the first verse of the Gospel of John says that the kingdom of heaven will be “like unto the kingdom to which ye went before, which ye saw not”.

    This means it is not the place where you would be with Jesus.

    It also means that the true God will not be with you.


    It was a lie that people were saved by going to heaven.

    The fact that there was a false belief that the world was “finished” or that it was “better off” after the death of Jesus Christ has led people to believe that it will be the end of the world.

    This false belief has caused so many people to fall into a state of spiritual slavery.

    But when we ask why this happened, we find out that this false belief was brought about by the same people who brought about the false belief in the first place.


    It has always been true that God loves us.

    We were told by our parents that Jesus was the Son of God and we could follow him.

    And we were told that the word of God came from God.

    And God sent his prophets and apostles to tell us what the word was.

    And our teachers told us that the words of God were true and that we should follow them.

    The only thing that changed in this doctrine was the fact that Christians were led to believe, for the first time in history, that God loved us and loved us unconditionally.

    There were no exceptions to this.

    The whole point of Christianity was that people could not live without God and could not love without God.


    It did not end when Jesus died.

    There was a very important passage in the gospel of Matthew that describes the events leading up to Jesus’ death: When Jesus came in, the crowds were very angry.

    There had been an accusation of blasphemy.

    The people were angry at him because he was not able to deliver them from the accusation.

    So he said, “Look, you sons of bitches, you have done this to me.

    I do not have time for you to argue, but I have a message for you: this time you will not find me dead.”

    Then he took bread and broke it, and when he had


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