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    A report has found that parents should check to make certain they are getting the right treatment.

    The Department of Health’s health research arm published the report in December.

    It found that the National Health and Medical Research Council’s body of evidence found that there was insufficient evidence to recommend specific types of physical therapy.

    It recommended that parents get physical therapy that is supported by research and that includes a physical therapist who is trained to work with the child and who has a high level of clinical experience.

    It also recommended parents consider the cost of the physical therapy and ensure that they are paying for it themselves.

    The report said that parents of children under four years old are at greatest risk of experiencing health issues.

    It said parents of four-year-olds are at a lower risk than children aged five to 11.

    ‘The cost of caring for children’ The report also recommended that the health research council review all clinical trials that involve children under the age of four, and make recommendations for future clinical trials.

    The review of clinical trials should include all of the evidence that is available, and any new trials that have been undertaken in children and adults.

    The health research group also recommends that parents ask their children’s primary care doctors to complete a medical history questionnaire to look for any underlying health conditions.

    It is important to keep in mind that the current guidelines do not apply to parents of adults, who are still responsible for paying for their own physical therapy treatments.

    ‘No one should be forced to pay for their children to be treated by a physical therapy practitioner’ Dr Anne Leach, the head of the research council’s body, said in a statement.

    ‘It is important that parents are aware of the benefits of the health professions approach to care and to seek the advice of their primary care doctor if they do not want to pay.’

    The cost to parents is low, and the risks to children are greater.’

    She said that while it was not necessary to have a primary care GP for physical therapy therapy, it was necessary to make it clear to parents that the physical therapist has to meet with them first and to ask for their consent.

    The study found that of the 8,741 parents who had their children assessed by a doctor and were found to be having an underlying health condition, more than 80 per cent said that physical therapy was their primary or main carer.

    Dr Leach said that although physical therapy can help improve the health of children, it should not be used as a means to control a child’s behaviour.

    ‘Parents need to be able to make their own decisions about what physical therapy is appropriate for their child and when they need to do it.’

    Parents should make sure that their children receive appropriate physical therapy to manage their health, but parents should not have to pay out of pocket for it,’ she said.

    The research council found that while the majority of parents were satisfied with their physical therapy services, a small proportion were dissatisfied and were likely to be at greater risk of having a health issue.

    The department said it was working with the health sector to increase awareness of the importance of physical therapists to families.

    ‘Physical therapy is an important part of the family-based care system,’ Dr Leaches said.

    ‘This report will help us make sure the physical therapists that are available to families are doing the work that is needed.’

    Source: ABC News | Duration: 2min 13sec


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