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    A new gel that’s been tested on the human face appears to make no dent, but is being used in the dental industry.

    The gel used is an artificial polymer that contains natural titanium dioxide.

    The material, which has never been used in a dental product, is made from titanium dioxide with a special formulation that helps to seal cavities.

    It’s not known if it has any safety issues, but it’s a concern for dentists and their patients, said Dr. Michael F. Sperling, a professor of clinical practice at the University of Pennsylvania.

    “Granites are a special kind of material, but they’re a very toxic material, and I think we should be very cautious when we’re making dental products,” said Sperler, who was not involved in the study.

    He said that when dental products contain titanium dioxide, they can create a potentially deadly condition called titanium peritonitis, in which the peritonium, the outermost layer of the heart, builds up inside the tissue and is unable to dissolve.

    “It’s a serious complication, and it’s not something that’s particularly good for dentistry or cosmetic dentistry,” he said.

    The research team, which included Dr. Roberta M. Sosnowski, an associate professor of dental medicine at Harvard Medical School, said the gel’s formulation, called GTXS, is a combination of titanium dioxide and titanium nitride, a highly toxic metal compound that has never before been used commercially.

    GTXP, a slightly less toxic form of titanium nitrate, has been used for more than a century for cosmetic dentures, but in recent years it has been making a big comeback in dental care because it is so easy to manufacture.

    Sorenson said that while GTX has never shown any negative effects on patients, its ability to dissolve in the human mouth and be absorbed through the skin is very problematic.

    “The material that we are looking at, GTX, is very high in titanium nitrite,” she said.

    “And that’s the material that you would see in the teeth of patients.

    It will form a very large layer of titanium oxide, and that’s what’s causing the problems.”

    Sperlin said he believes that dental practitioners should be aware of the potential for GTX to cause health problems.

    “There are some very interesting potential safety issues with this material, especially when it comes to the titanium nitrates that we’re looking at,” he added.

    Sores in the mouths of patients are the result of an allergic reaction to the nitrites.

    Sore patients can be treated with antihistamines or antibiotics, and even if they don’t develop any symptoms, they may require regular testing for a condition called systemic otitis media.

    “We can’t just sit back and say, ‘Well, the material doesn’t have any effect,'” Sperring said.

    A similar study has shown that the material used in dentures has been linked to an increased risk of developing peritonomyopathy, or painful, scarring of the pelvic floor.

    Sporzingis said he was skeptical that a gel made from the titanium dioxide found in dental products would not have a similar effect on the patients’ mouths.

    “I think we need to think more carefully about whether we’re really making dentures with a real denture,” he told the Post.

    “That is, is the gel in there a denture or is it a substitute for a real tooth?”

    Sperding said he has never used the gel on his own teeth, but was surprised to find that he did.

    “My reaction was, ‘Oh, I’m not seeing anything.

    I didn’t even know you were using titanium dioxide,'” he said, adding that it wasn’t until a few months later that he was able to use it in a patient’s mouth.

    He is currently working with the manufacturer to determine whether or not there is any safety risk to patients, and he said that, if there is, the gel may not be available in the United States anytime soon.

    “People should be worried about the potential effects,” Sperng said.

    Feds say there is no evidence of any health risks in using dental gel in patients, although the material is still being studied for its potential health risks.

    “Dental products containing titanium dioxide are safe for use in dental practice, but a number of studies are ongoing to determine the long-term effects of these materials on human health and the environment,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement.


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