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    A year ago, the New York Times ran a list of the best-sellers in the business, and there was no question that Microsoft had a strong showing.

    The company was named the No. 1 computer company in the United States, and the list was followed by Dell, Hewlett Packard, and HP.

    And it was in the top 10 of Best Buy’s annual best-seller list.

    This year, however, the Times ran the same list and ranked the companies in order of popularity.

    The Times’ list was compiled by comparing the number of books and magazine articles in each category, which gave us a more accurate picture of the total number of bestselling books.

    In the Excel spreadsheet below, the list looks more like the chart above, and it gives us an idea of what we should expect from the year.

    We’ve taken the Times’ number of best-sold books and sorted it by the number in each column, giving us a better idea of how popular each book was.

    The chart below is an image of the Excel sheet from the Times.

    In this chart, the top-selling books are listed first and the books in the bottom 10 are listed second.

    The bestseller is highlighted, and you can click on each column to see the bestseller list for that category.

    The data on this chart comes from Nielsen BookScan, a Nielsen-owned online book database that includes data on titles, publishers, and genres.

    The charts also come from BookScan’s 2015 annual rankings, which showed that sales of books in each genre dropped in 2016.

    As a result, it is likely that the bestsellers of the past year will remain in the upper half of the chart, and that sales in the best seller list will also decline.

    If the data is correct, Microsoft’s sales will continue to decline, which will affect the total sales of the company.

    The number of sales in each of the four categories is also not a good indicator of the number and quality of the books that people are buying.

    It’s possible that the number will be higher than what the Times or BookScan reported.

    That’s because sales of digital books have been declining, and some of the digital book sales will also be coming from Amazon, which is not a big seller in the book publishing industry.

    Still, we expect that Microsoft will remain one of the top sellers of digital book titles this year, and we expect it to remain the most popular bookseller of all the companies listed above.

    The Best Seller Chart In the past, we’ve looked at how the best sellers of books on Amazon and the top five most popular books of 2016 fared in the charts.

    We have been surprised by how closely Microsoft performed with books in their best-Sellers category, but we have no doubt that it will continue doing so.

    The most popular digital book is the new Microsoft Office book, and this is where Microsoft will be very competitive.

    Sales of Office 365 books are expected to reach more than $5 billion by 2020.

    The new Office book is one of a few things that Microsoft is doing that will allow the company to stay competitive in the market for digital books.

    Microsoft will focus on creating new products, such as Office 365 Books, which allow users to create and read documents from their work documents.

    In addition, Microsoft will continue working with publishers and authors on new software to make the writing experience better.

    The BookScan chart below shows the percentage of books that are best sellers.

    This chart, as the name suggests, shows the number by the percentage.

    The average number of sold books for the year was 52.6 percent, which was good for third place.

    It was higher than the average for the last two years, but it was still below the 52.5 percent that BookScan had for the first half of 2017.

    If you’re curious about the sales numbers for other publishers, you can check out the chart below.

    The numbers in the chart are based on Nielsen Bookscan data, which does not include digital sales.

    But they are consistent with the sales data we have from Bookscan for the previous two years.

    This is the same data that Bookscan used in the 2016 Best Sellers chart, so we know that the percentage will continue dropping this year.

    The New Year will also mark the beginning of Microsoft’s new focus on publishing books in its new Microsoft Edge browser.

    Microsoft is also adding new features to its online publishing platform, including the ability to create books and share them with others.

    Microsoft has added the ability for customers to post book reviews on Microsoft.com, the new social network, and Microsoft will also launch a new book-sharing service called BookMe.

    As we predicted last year, Microsoft is focused on building a large number of new book publishers to support the growth of Microsoft Edge, including its new partner with HarperCollins called HarperCollins Publishers.

    This will help the company expand its catalog of popular books.

    The biggest change for Microsoft is the introduction of new books that focus on technology, with


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