Work faster in Excel

    Counta Excel, India’s best-selling sub-subscript and in-app search tool, has been nominated for the 2018 Microsoft Research Excellence in Productivity Award by the Microsoft Research India Awards (MRIA).

    The Microsoft Research Indian Awards are open to software developers and industry professionals, and are held every two years.

    The Microsoft India awards, launched in 2011, are an initiative by Microsoft to recognize excellence in Indian technology.

    The awards were created to provide a recognition of Indian innovation and drive innovation in India.

    “We are extremely proud of Counta’s excellence in Subscript in Excel and in the Windows Azure ecosystem,” said Niranjan Mukherjee, managing director of Microsoft Research.

    “This award recognises the outstanding contribution of Indian companies and developers to the Microsoft ecosystem and to the IT sector.

    Counta is one of the companies that has stood up for India in the IT space and to bring its technologies to the global stage.

    We’re looking forward to presenting this award to them in 2020.”

    In 2018, Counta was voted as India’s most popular and most popular sub-script in Microsoft Excel, which is used by more than 12 million users globally.

    County excel has been featured in Forbes India’s list of best India companies.

    Counta excel is based on the Microsoft Excel API.

    Microsoft is developing a new version of Countatext that it hopes will take the software into the next generation.

    Countatex is based in India and will be released in 2019.

    The software is available in more than 200 languages and is available for free.

    Countatext will be integrated with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, making it easy for developers to integrate Counta into their software.

    County excel is the only software in India that is written in the native Indian language, with the exception of the Indian sub-syllabic dialect, Hindi.

    Count, which means “count,” is one syllable long, which has become a key part of the Counta experience.

    The software uses the native Microsoft Visual Basic API, which can be accessed through Microsoft Excel.

    Counts Subscript and Counta are available for both Android and iOS.

    Count and Count are available in Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    Microsoft Research India awards were launched in June 2019 to support innovation, drive innovation and support local talent in India, a key goal of Microsoft’s India initiative.

    Microsoft India also works to bring innovative technologies to emerging markets and to foster a global tech ecosystem.

    Countates Subscript is the world’s first open source Subscript engine, allowing developers to write code for Subscript using the Microsoft Azure Platform.

    Countates Subscrip is used to create the Excel sub-language of India, which supports all Microsoft Excel-based applications.

    Counts Subscrips Subscript supports many more languages than Countatexs Subscript, making Countatexes Subscript an ideal alternative for developers.

    Count has also made a significant contribution to the Indian IT ecosystem, creating innovative applications that have helped bring Indian tech to the world stage.

    Count is also working on the new CountateXML API, an API that will bring more interoperability to other developers using Microsoft’s Office Suite.

    Count is currently available in over 200 languages, including Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Pashto, Gujarat, Gujarani, Tamil, Kannada, Tamil (Tamil-speaking), Marathi, Marathi-speaking, Telugu, Hindi, Marwari, Marwar, Prakrit, Teluri, Hindi-speaking and more.


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