Work faster in Excel

    In the days after the Brexit vote, I used a spreadsheet to compare data from all the financial markets I could access. 

    I then looked for a chart that seemed most like the one that would be most helpful for me to understand the situation and was likely to provide the most clarity.

    I found the chart that was most helpful. 

    The chart in question was  the  “Excel Spreadsheet”, which is a “spreadsheet that is designed to be used with Excel to provide a quick summary of financial data, rather than an in-depth analysis of the data.”

    This chart shows the top 10 most important economic variables for the UK economy, as well as some other important data, in Excel.

    I like the fact that the charts are easy to understand and the data is easily accessible, so I went ahead and copied the spreadsheet, saved it to my Google Drive, and then started using it. 

    It turns out that it does work.

    The chart was pretty good, even though it is just a single chart, and its main strength is that it allows for the use of the “Spreadsheet” in the same Excel file as the main data. 

    For example, if you want to know how many people work in the top 1% in the UK, and the top 0.1% in Ireland, you can do this by copying the following data to a spreadsheet in Excel: Top 1% Irish population 1,942,841 Top 0.01% UK population 1.7 billionTop 0,01% Irish share of GDP – 0.06% Top 10 most critical economic variables UK population 11,828,936 Top 10 most essential economic variables  UK population 4,906,892 Top 5 most important economic variables UK share of total  GDP – 5.5%  UK share  of total GDP – 3.3%  Top 5 most critical economic factors  UK population 4,872,935 Top 2 most critical variables UK pop 1,852,919 Top 3 most critical factors UK pct.

    of GDP 3.2%  British share  of GDP  3.7%  US population 7,723,933 Top 4 most critical elements UK share of GDP 7.1 %  UK GDP  8.0%  EU population 3,716,836 Top 8 most critical components UK Pct.  of  GDP  2.8%  European PCT  3,926,816 Top 9 most critical ingredients  UK – population 3.4%  Population growth  – –  GDP growth  0.6%  UK GDP  – 0%  GDP per capita – – Top 10 critical economic factors UK population 3,664,839 Top 6 most critical critical elements  UK 2.7 million Top 7 most critical pieces of data  UK 1,722,842 Top 12 most critical data points  UK 0.4 billion Top 11 most critical measures  UK 10 million  Top 12 most important elements  British 1.1 million  Top 13 most critical measurements  UK 4.1 billion   Top 14 most critical values  UK 7.3 billion  Top 15 most critical figures  UK 3.1 trillion Top 16 most critical points   UK 8.1-million  Top 17 most critical individuals  UK 5.1+ billion  Top 18 most critical households  UK 9-billion  In other words, this chart shows that a) the UK is very large in terms of its population and GDP, and b) the UK is the largest economy in the world. 

    So the question is: how big is the UK? 

    It’s a simple question, really. 

    As a first approximation, the UK’s population is about 1.8 billion.

    Its GDP per head is about $20,000.

    Its population is roughly 6 million people. 

    (In the above chart, “UK” means “United Kingdom” in English.) 

    And, to sum it up: the UK is a country of about 7.5 million people, and it is the fourth largest economy on the planet, with a population of 7.7+ billion people.

    (I don’t think it is possible to sum up GDP and population, though, so let’s just use 1.8+ billion as an approximation.) 

    That is the exact number that I came up with for the British population. 

    But that doesn’t mean that it is the most important number for understanding the situation. 

    We also have to look at the top five most important data points in this chart. 

    In fact, there are a few other important things to consider in terms 


    What’s in your excel sheet?

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