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    A new app for iPhones and iPads lets you connect with other like-minded people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and share your stories and interests.

    The app, aptly named “Internet Genius,” lets you chat with friends and family, find interesting stories, and connect with people who share your interests.

    If you’re a fan of the internet, you might want to download the app, which is free and works in both iOS and Android devices.

    You can sign up for the app by entering your email address, username and password.

    The company behind the app tells Mashable that it started in 2015 as a way for people to connect and share their stories.

    “It was an easy way for us to get our foot in the door,” said Rob Muehl, an app manager at the company.

    “There’s a lot of people on the internet and they’re very passionate about the content they’re sharing and how they feel about it.”

    Internet Genius is similar to a social media app, but it doesn’t have the features of Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

    It uses a combination of text messaging, voice-to-text, and video calling to connect you with other users.

    Internet Genius isn’t just an app to help you connect, though.

    Mueldens said the app lets you share your thoughts with your friends, which makes it more than just an online messaging app.

    It’s also a platform for sharing your interests, thoughts, and experiences with your community.

    “People who are in the same community, or even just friends, can really be very similar and share a lot about themselves,” Muell said.

    You’ll get access to an archive of your favorite content, along with links to relevant posts, and the app’s “Like” button lets you show your friends the things you’re passionate about.

    Moehl said that the app is not a social networking site, but instead is meant to be used as a platform to connect with friends, colleagues, and family.

    Users will need to be connected to the Internet to use the app.

    There’s no way to “follow” other users, and if you don’t like the content that they’re posting, you can delete it.

    Users can also use the application to “tag” their friends.

    “I would love to have a more organic user experience that people can actually see and be like, ‘I like this,'” Mueckl said.

    “You’ll find that they will post something on your profile and that’s how you discover the content and what they’re interested in.”

    Muehls and Muelde said that if the app was successful, the company plans to expand to other social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

    The idea behind Internet Genius came from a post on the website Mashable, which describes the idea as an app for people who want to connect without the pressure of a social network.

    Muesl said that one of the main reasons for building Internet Genius was the need to share stories and find people who were similar to themselves.

    “We wanted to have that kind of experience, but that’s not what we’re doing,” he said.

    Users of Internet Genius can sign in with their email address and username, and their profiles will have an archive that’s curated with topics like sports, music, and gaming.

    Muhls said the company has had several users sign up to the app in the past, and that it’s been popular with the community.

    There are currently about 10 million users of the app on iOS and about 7 million on Android, according to Mashable.

    The Facebook app has had a mixed response.

    Users have posted a lot negative things about it on social media, Muehs said.

    Munehl said he wasn’t surprised by the negative reaction to the Facebook app.

    “Facebook is a place where people get judged,” he told Mashable in an interview.

    “That’s what people will say about any platform, even a social app.”

    Muhl said the Facebook-based app doesn’t compete directly with the Facebook service, but does provide an opportunity to connect in an informal way.

    He said that his team uses it as a place to share tips and tricks for other users to use.

    He told Mashup that there’s a chance that Facebook will eventually open up the platform to more users, like users of other services.

    Musels said that there are two main issues with the app: its pricing and its lack of features.

    The iPhone app costs $9.99 a month, but the Android app only costs $2.99 per month.

    Munesl said he expects that Facebook may start offering the app for free when it comes out of beta.

    “What we’re hoping is that Facebook is open to it and we can get that to happen,” he added.

    The other issue with the Android version of Internet Genie is that it lacks a photo-sharing feature.

    Users cannot upload photos to the App, but Muehdens said that users can upload their own photos. M


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